We are all on different spiritual journeys, and none of them look exactly the same. Instead of letting that divide us, though, we would rather focus on how we can all learn from our differences. 
This is the nexus point -- where all of our spiritual journeys come together! 
And, we're all made better for it.
Throughout the year, different resources will be posted here for you to use along the way. As the seasons of life continue to cycle through its ups and downs, we hope this can be a hub for you to find some balance, stay centered, and learn different strategies as you walk your life's journey. We have found that even though our spiritual journeys are personal, there is so much we can learn from one another. So, we invite you to dive in, get involved, share your voice, and join us as we walk our paths - together!
Daily Prayer Series - Epiphany 2022
During the season of Epiphany 2022, we explored prayer. One of the aspects we covered was the practice of daily prayer. So, during the season of Epiphany, we did a series of daily prayers based on ancient and modern prayer routines. 
Even though we are already through Epiphany 2022, you can still use these daily prayer devotionals as you'd like for personal prayer practice. 
To the left is the first video in the series, but feel free to explore the playlist!

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